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Dates for 2019 Added!

Hi Everyone,

We’ve added gig dates for 2019, there’ll be more to come too so keep an eye out!

This years sees us back at the fantastic Boars Head in Braintree, we’ve always had a great night here. Engine played at the charity gig back in May 2018 which was a great laugh, entertaining and we made loads of new friends. One of the guitarists also learned never to go out with a brand new guitar! Tuning problems with the added heat of a very sunny day made playing quite comical!

For the Ipswich folk, we added another new venue – The Golf Hotel Pub on Foxhall Road, we hope to see some of the Engine faithful there too!

Don’t forget, the last gig of 2018 will be at the Wagon in Wix on New Years Eve, this will be a blast so make sure you get there early as it’s gonna be a full house!!!

See ya soon…

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New Gigs for 2018

Engine gigs for 2018 are now up for you to check over at the gigs page.

It’s a huge shame that venues across East Anglia are either still struggling or closing, however it won’t stop us and we’ll be supporting our landlords and venue owners as much as we can! New Years Eve 2018 sees us playing the legendary Waggon at Wix and we already know the place will be packed out with family, friends and followers, so get there early cos it’s gonna be a busy one!

So c’mon, support live music and get down to see us soon!!!

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Demo CD Uploaded

The Demo CD we made last year was delievered earlier this week with the final mix, we’re really please with it and a huge thanks to Adam at Card Trick Studio’s!

Have a listen here

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New Venue for Engine!

Another new venue for us this October, we’ll be playing the Plough in Ipswich on the 15th and again throughout 2017. Be sure to come and check us out and of course grab a beer or two.

Find out more here…

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New Venue Added!

We have added a new venue to our gig list for this month, we’ll be playing the Boars Head in Braintree on the 2nd April!

We’ve been trying to get into this venue for a little while now, the guys & girls there are really working hard to make this the live music venue in Braintree… And succeeding! Take a look here for more info

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Day in the Studio

A great day at Card Trick Music recording our demo CD, thanks to Adam for putting up with us and the noise! We’ll post up the new tracks once they’re ready!

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Into the Studio – Take 2!

Ok, so we didn’t get to the studio last week! There was a serious power failure the night before we were due to record so it’s been postponed until the 13th March. Ah well, health and safety first! Will update once we’ve laid down some noise…

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More Gigs Added

We’ve added another date at the awesome Fleece in Chelmsford! We’ll see ya there 2nd July…

For more info and directions click here

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How True!

How many guitarist’s wives can relate to this one???

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In To The Studio

We’re in the studio this Sunday recording our demo CD. We’d like to think it’s a day out doing what we like best, however recording can be hard work! As soon as that little red light goes on why does every song you’ve ever learnt vacate your head leaving you standing there trying to remember what the hell you’re supposed to be playing!

We’re hoping the results will be worth it and if not… There’s always the pub next door!

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